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We are very proud of the people that have come to us for help. Here are a selection of the testimonials we have received. Thank you to all of them.

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As a squash player, niggles and injuries are part of my everyday life! After a number of recurring problems as a junior player, a friend recommended Jon W Sports Injury clinic to me. From my initial appointment, I knew that this was a clinic that instinctively understood my problems as an elite player; they sorted out the immediate physical issues and gave me a number of exercises to do to prevent their recurrence.
I started to see Jon W Sports Injury regularly, every fortnight, and found that this was invaluable, not only in treating issues as they occurred but also in keeping my body in good physical condition so that problems occurred less often than before.  I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough – it is now a permanent, and essential, part of my routine for remaining in peak physical condition.
Georgina (Gina) Kennedy
4 x Junior British Squash Champion; Former U19 European Champion


I am an elite swimmer, who swam for Team GBR in the European Youth Olympics and won many national and international titles.
I have known Jon for many years; he has always been an inspiration to me and has provided me with amazing treatment over the years that included treatment from when I used to play football.
There have been a number of occasions where I have felt unable to swim in major competitions that included the Olympic Trials 2016 and some national competitions due to muscular type pains but Jon W Sports Injury has treated me and enabled me not only to compete but achieve national gold medals when I thought that I would have to pull out.
I wouldn’t consider going to any other clinic because they have helped me through so much and made injuries almost stress free.

Luke Gunning


Jon is a highly competent and enthusiastic therapist who has assisted me in achieving my goals as an elite swimmer.  As with all elite athletes, it is inevitable that muscle soreness and niggles/injuries will effect your performance. But, I am grateful to know that I can always rely on Jon to get me back to full fitness, by providing me with a first class treatment that allows me to be the best athlete I could possibly be.
I am truly grateful for everything that he's done for me and will strongly recommend him to everyone who wants to see results from having Spoprts Injury treatment... and I will certainly be using John in my lead up to achieving my Olympic ambitions!! Michael x

Michael Gunning


Jon W Sports Injury, has helped me greatly over the past few years. Their enthusiasm over helping me to recover from my injuries never fails to radiate on to you, so you feel engaged and at ease with the rehabilitation process.
They have helped prepare me for various National championships but also for the European Fencing circuit. At this point I had qualified for the Great Britain Fencing Squad when I needed to be on top form; They achieved this for me.

Cameron Prior


I've been seeing Jon W Sports Injury now for a good 10 years. I find them very knowledgeable, who I can trust and gives straightforward advice on treatment ensuring correct plans for recovery are put in place. Without them I wouldn't have been able to complete the London Marathon. I had a few problems for the duration of my training programme which led to me seeing Jon W Sports Injury weekly for the 16 weeks. I'm adamant I wouldn't have completed the marathon in 03:42:19 without his help. I highly recommend their team for any injury and sports massage.

Ollie Miles, London Marathon Runner 2016, 3 hrs 42 mins.


During training for the London Marathon 2016, I manage to get an ankle injury and swelling that caused me to defer. Not knowing what the issue was I was recommended by a friend to visit Jon W Sports Injury. From the get-go they diagnosed tendon injuries around the medial malleolus. However, on top of that, due to my poor bio mechanics, I was heading towards “shin splint” type injuries as the tendons on the inside of both lower leg areas were as they said “like concrete”!
I have always run shorter distances (1/2 marathons or less) but not longer. Jon W Sports Injury set me on a great program of exercises as well as using all the tools in their repertoire to manipulate and help me recover from the original injury as well as other tendon/muscles that could have become injuries!
Along the way, Jon W Sports Injury gave me huge encouragement with the aim of getting me to the start line for the 2017 Marathon, which I achieved. It meant no running in the initial 6-12 week period, which for us runners, is anathema! But recommended substituting with swimming to keep up aerobic activity. During the yearlong program, with their help and recommendations, I visited a podiatrist, and now have orthotics, which I definitely needed plus scans to ensure no major tear to the key injury.
It is amazing how quickly the year has flown by; from my initial downcast mood to the biggest grin I have ever worn crossing the finishing line!
I can say hand on heart that Jon W Sports Injury is the perfect clinic to see whether you have a sports injury, whether you have some niggles you are not sure about or even just advice/help to check/prevent the onset if you are on the path to competing in any sports event and want to keep everything in check. Prevention is better than cure!

Chris Jackson, London Marathon Runner 2017.

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