Hydration For Sports

The role of hydration in sport is vital. Research shows that a 1% abnormality in hydration levels will affect performance by 10%. Therefore every athlete should monitor hydration closely.

Pre Game

We often see people guzzling energy drinks prior to competition. This will not have the desired effects as the body will not be able to absorb the fluid at this rate and most will be wasted in urine.

Jon also conducted a research project that found that whilst hydration was vitally important, energy drinks had no added benefits when compared to water.

Jon W Sports Injury Recommends: 2 litres of water consumed over a five hour period prior to competition.

Mid Game

Through sweating we lose vital electrolytes. Energy drinks are designed to replace these electrolytes. Therefore energy drinks are beneficial mid game. However, sudden rises in sugar cause the body to release insulin. The sudden release of extra insulin can be harmful to the bodies to energy production systems. Therefore take them in sips, do not guzzle.

    Jon W Sports Injury Recommends: 1 small bottle of energy drink sipped over a fifteen minute period.

Post Game

Following competition the replenishment of hydration levels is crucial. Similar to a cool down we are looking to return the body to its resting level. Hydration is also vital for recovery to any damaged muscles.

It is said that for every kg lost in weight, 1 litre of water should be replaced. People sweat at different rates and therefore this will have to be worked out individually. However, this should be of upmost importance to any athlete.

    Jon W Sports Injury Recommends: The athlete should weigh themselves in kilograms before competition and after competition. For every kilogram lost, one litre of water should be replenished, over a two hour period.