What To Do If Injured

If an injury is suspected the instant thing to do is rest and prevent weight bearing, sit or lie down!! If it is a back injury I would suggest lying on your front.

For any soft tissue injury (muscles, ligaments, tendons) a simple principle to follow is RICE.

  • Rest. Remove weight bearing-sit down.
  • Ice. 15 minutes should be sufficient.
  • Compress. Use a bandage or support to hold the ice in place.
  • Elevate. Place the injured part above the heart to help reduce swelling.

The body will go through an ‘acute phase’ for the first 72 hours following an injury. This may result in lots of pain, swelling and reduction in movement. A reminder that swelling is not something that should cause panic or worry. It is a natural process of the body to protect and heal it.

If the symptoms continue after 72 hours then it is recommended that a specialist is seen.