How To Warm Up

The importance of a 'warm up' is vital and is understood by most athletes these days. The trouble comes with, 'what is a good warm up?'

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Hydration For Sports

The role of hydration in sport is vital. Research shows that a 1% abnormality in hydration levels will affect performance by 10%. Therefore every athlete should monitor hydration closely.

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Childrens' Injuries

Children are less frequently injured but certain injuries can be severe. Children go through many adolescent changes that leave the body vulnerable to injury. These injuries have been termed ‘growing pains’ but we are now able to be a little more specific to these injuries. The severity of these injuries cannot be understated. It has been said that any child suffering should take one year away from sport. Whilst this view may not be the case as we now have better understanding, any child suspecting the injuries should be seen by a specialist immediately.

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What To Do If Injured

If an injury is suspected the instant thing to do is rest and prevent weight bearing, sit or lie down!! If it is a back injury I would suggest lying on your front.

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How To Avoid Injuries

The key to avoiding injuries is to have strong flexible muscles prior to activity. People often focus on the strength aspect and ignore the flexibility. Stretching is vital to any person undertaking activity.

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How To Cool Down

The cool down is often forgotten but is as important as a warm up. If you consider how tight your muscles would be following a competition, why would you leave these like this and not expect to be injured?

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