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  • Marathon Update January 2017

    So you may well be getting further into your training and I hope you are enjoying it!

  • My Marathon

    I am fortunate enough to love everything about my job but possibly my favourite time of year is the next six months. This is because it is marathon season! Ever since childhood I have had an intense fascination with the marathon. The average athlete taking on such an epic challenge and pushing your body to such limits of endurance that it would never have experienced. All of this for fun!!

  • Core Stability

    This is one of our favourite terms in the Sports Therapy world as it is discussed so often. A 'buzz' term if you like, but so often misunderstood.

  • Lower Back Pain

    Lower Back Pain - The back hurts but it's the butts fault

    I recently read an article in The Daily Mail that suspects nearly half of the adult population in the UK are living with chronic pain - lower back pain being one of the biggest causes.

  • Jon completes the London Marathon

    Jon completed the London Marathon 2016 in a time of 3 hrs 48 mins.

    “It was one of the best and hardest experiences of my life but one that I would recommend to anyone”
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